No ParoleMargarett Perry

No Parole
Written and performed by
Carlo D'Amore

The Sacramento Theatre Company
The Marsh Theatre, San Francisco
59E59 Theaters, NYC
Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scotland
Penguin Rep Theatre
Passage Theatre

"D'Amore's show isn't about crucifying his mother, whom he clearly adores. With clever sound and lighting cues and a minimal stage, he makes his whole family come alive. So fascinating that I left wanting to know more."

- San Francisco Chronicle

No Parole





"It' theatrical chronicle, deftly conjured by the skillful and charismatic D'Amore, comes over in great cinematic images like a black-box blend of Martin Scorsese and Pedro Almodovar."

- San Francisco Bay Guardian

No Parole

"Expert storytelling. Enchanting. A funny and poignant ride. [D'Amore] has a quirky, wry sense of humor that suggests a Latino Eddie Izzard with a little bit of Pee Wee Herman."

- Bay Area Reporter

No Parole





"Exemplary. Funny, touching and true - as true as art can be."

- The Sacramento Bee