God of Carnage Margarett Perry

Entertainer's Eulogy
written & performed by Darian Dauchan
Playhouse On the Square
Whitefire Theatre, Los Angeles
United Solo Fest, NYC
Kitchen Theatre Company

"Dauchan tells each character's story in chapters, one at a time. He's a tall, expressive actor with the rapid-fire delivery of a slam poet. His play never loses energy... The audience aches for these tragic personalities, wishing they could see themselves as we see them. In one of the play's most heartbreaking moments, Roscoe holds up a blackface doll that has been made of him. He's happy to have a toy with his name on it, but he also observes: "It doesn't look anything like me... I can't quite explain it, but it hurts."
- GoMemphis

God of Carnage

"Darian Dauchan's mouth spits out hot words like a Gatling gun firing at maximum speed. The New York-based performance poet aims to shock, surprise, amuse, confuse, and enlighten - often within a single breath. He's an edgy, compulsively political performer who drops lyrical bombs on African-American stereotypes."

- Memphis Flyer