by Brian Dykstra (world premiere)
59E59 Theaters

“Electric Theatre!! You will find yourself more stimulated by this play of ideas than by any drama in recent memory."

- TheaterScene




"An arresting new work by Brian Dykstra. Directed with precise attention to detail and an ability to turn the emotional context on a dime, Margarett Perry captures 21st century public high school life." 

- Berkshire Fine Arts


"The world premiere of Education couldn’t be more welcome or timely. Though set in Ohio, the characters would be right at home shoulder to shoulder with the students of Parkland. It grabs attention from the moment the lights come up. Written by Brian Dykstra. The script is close to flawless with flowing dialogue and wonderfully developed characters." 

- Theatre Pizazz


"A HARD-HITTING, CONSPICUOUSLY INTELLIGENT play about the role of art in politics, theology and polarization."

- Anita Gates, Press Nights